Information & Advice providers

Surrey Skills Academy has produced a dedicated learning and development programme aimed at those individuals and organisations who provide information and advice about local care and support options to Surrey residents.

The Information and Advice Learning and Development programme comprises a mix of online learning, classroom learning, and directions to key information resources to help you answer questions consistently about care and support, or to link you with other organisations which can provide advice. 

There are four key modules in the programme, each with a number of courses available or directions to key information sources:

Module 1: Living and Ageing Well- This module focuses on supporting I & A providers with information on how our residents of Surrey can live healthy and safe lives.  Some of the information covered in this module is: The Care Act 2014 (an e-learning offer is also being created to support with this offer), safeguarding adults, domestic abuse awareness, individuals’ well being, prevention and independent advocacy.

Module 2: Information and resources- This module focuses on supporting I & A providers by sharing available databases/websites/resources they can use to locate health and social care provisions within Surrey for people they are supporting.  Some of the resources signposted are: Surrey Information Point, online equipment assessment, SIGN, Explore, Surrey Disability Register, Winter Wellness pack, Healthy Surrey website and One Stop Surrey.  These resources will also be included within the Care Act e-learning offer.

Module 3: How Adult Social Care helps residents- This module focuses on supporting I & A providers through the adult social care journey with Surrey. This involves information on the following: Assessment process, benefits and advice, carers support, direct payments and pre paid accounts, planning and paying for care and advocacy services.

Module 4: Supporting skills and customer service- This module focuses on supporting I & A providers with the knowledge to build on their existing skills when communicating with the residents of Surrey. This offer includes support around motivational interviewing, community development, timebanking and customer service excellence.

Information & Advice Modules



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