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File ASCG April - June 2017

ASCG April - June 2017

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SSA Application form

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Looking for a little help with the DLE? Try these FAQs.

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Managers Induction Standards

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Adult Social Care Grant (ASCG)

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ASCG Application

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Individual Employers

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File Bespoke On-site pre-questionnaire

Bespoke On-site pre-questionnaire

File The procedures for claiming the grant.

The procedures for claiming the grant.

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Keeping you safe from fire

File Keeping you safe from fire public information leaflet

Keeping you safe from fire public information leaflet 

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Course evaluation

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ASCG claim form

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File SSA Evaluation form

SSA Evaluation form

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Joint training guidance

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booking form

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joint training

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Phyllis Tuckwell

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cat 1

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cat 11

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cat 2

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cat 3

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cat 4

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cat 5

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cat 6

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cat 7

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cat 8

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cat 9

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cat 10

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Training offer - Volunteer training

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File SfC workshop

SfC workshop

File ASCG Claim Form 2016/17

ASCG Claim Form 2016/17

File ASCG claim 2016-17

ASCG claim 2016-17

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end of life 1

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end of life day two

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end of life 3

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File ASCG July - Sept 2017

ASCG July - Sept 2017

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File ASCG July-Sept 17

ASCG July-Sept 17

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Page Friends Against Scams Awareness Training

Please Note: This is not a Surrey Skills Academy course. Any issues with the course should be directed to the National Trading Standards Scams Team. A certificate is issued on their website.

Please click on this link to access the course page.

If you would like to be a Friend Against Scams you can complete a short awareness session online.

After this session you will be asked to start taking action to "Take a Stand Against Scams". This could be by talking to your neighbours, friends or family about scams or writing to your local MP asking them to promote scams awareness action by delivering the message against scams. The Pledges page has more ideas of what you can do as a Friend.

URL Home Office Prevent Training

You have accessed a new training package.

While we have been rigorous in our testing, if you do experience any technical difficulties - for example audio or video playback disruption, or problems progressing through the product - please inform the technical team via email to help them resolve these issues as quickly as possible:

Please note: This package is currently designed for those across the education and local authority sectors.

The following case studies therefore focus on either vulnerable individuals attended by social workers in home environments; or at risk students who are supported by a teacher raising a concern.

While the learnings in both instances are applicable across all public sectors, more sector-specific versions of this eLearning are in development, including those aimed at both mental and clinical health staff.

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